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What is the Moozer reading these days? I finished all the Dan Simmons books I had available, still a couple more to find... back to the used book stores for me. I am currently into a Canadian writer named Sean Russell and almost completed the Moontide and Magic Rise duology, soon to be followed by the prequel duology, The River Into Darkness. Well written, good deep characters with tons of angst and a great story. Sean has created a new world that stands against anything by Tolkien, Burroughs or Cherryh. I will definitely be following this writer in the future.

Next on the bookstand beside my bed are several books by Jane Lindskold, which is a new writer for me. I hope the books are good because she has quite a few to hunt for if they do turn out to be as good as I have been told.

After the above books... back to the C.J Cherryh universe and the next three Foreigner novels.

I like lots of science fiction (Issac Asimov, Clifford Simak, Greg Bear, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle), and science fantasy type (Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Robert Salvatore, C.J Cherryh) books, but also a lot of regular fiction (Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Alistair McLean, W.E.B Griffin) and non-fiction (mostly biographies) like Alice Coopers new book, Golf Monster.

Music and reading are my number one passions... oh yeah, and computers.

I love used book stores, that's where you can always find me nosing through the dusty racks and boxes. I have several favorite spots in London, Peterborough and Ottawa.