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Welcome to M00zerville, home of the Moozer and friends. Check out what the bunch are reading, listening to or watching as they give tips and advice (good or bad) on what they consider worth the effort or whether you should avoid it like the plague. The site should be updated on a weekly basis at the least, but likely a bit more often. Lots of different tastes in all genres, which should make it informative and possibly interesting and amusing.

The lettering on the link interface is in Gaelic, the Moozer being a proud Scot, so there will be lots of Scottish information scattered throughout the site. Several of us are heavily into computers, either gaming, programming, building, whatever, so there will likely be some useful (or not) information in that field as well.

What game am I currently playing online? Why, Battlefield 2142 of course...

Avoidance of the moment... Windows Vista... not very hardware or software driver friendly right now... be prepared for major headaches if you are upgrading and not buying it preloaded.


Here are some movies/videos I have seen recently. Some are decent and well done, some are just a nice time waster and some (too many) should be banished to the seventh level of Hell and the writers/producers/actors etc... reviled and burned in effigy!






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